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These are the loving, caring names that the good people of Tumblr have thrown at my friends and I, the Femme 11 from last night’s “Heroes of Cosplay.”

I understand that you are indignant. Why would a group of Doctor Who fans treat “outsiders” so poorly, when it is contrary to every principal upheld by the great man himself?

That’s what I’m here to talk to you about.

First of all, everything was not “said and done” after the scripted little catfight back stage. At the close of the competition, we actually spoke with the Crabcat girls (along with their good friend Chloe Dykstra) and sorted things out. We apologized for the misunderstanding.

Because that’s all it was.

A do-gooder in the audience tried to support the home team by shouting “WE LOVE YOU EVERYONE WHO WASN’T A SYFY PLANT” and skipping backstage to congratulate us for our win.

Holly and Jessica understood it as singling them out, and alienating them. Becky was extremely upset (as were we all - we had been waiting to perform for over 8 hours, and were 4 hours overdue to go home and sleep). Might I add, a member of our group was also in tears, but she was hiding away from the cameras. 

The “cat fight” back stage was little more than some yelling, and our group leader, Hillary, putting up a hand and saying “We’re done.” to ward off any more shouting, and to prevent her group from taking part in unnecessary drama.

We never alienated anyone. The group shots of us laughing and talking amongst ourselves are from a completely different time than the girls defending themselves.

Nobody called anyone an “out-of-towner.” That bit was added for effect by the lovely people at SyFy. I don’t know why they felt the need to add any EXTRA drama, but, apparently, they did.

All of you people on tumblr, all of you people who are judging us from a 30 second clip of reality television, shame on you.

The things you are saying are hurtful, judgmental, and hasty.

Any person from the convention can attest to Planet Comicon being a welcoming, fun place until SyFy came in with their camera crews and their production staff and started stirring things up.

Several people will attest to staff members telling people that they could be on TV if they managed to start a fight with one of the cast members.

That is hurtful and wrong.

I am not condemning cast members. I am condemning SyFy and their awful, skewed version of reality that they are so adamantly perpetuating. 

Ask any person who was at Kansas City Planet Comicon. One blogger referred to their presence as a ransack of the convention.

She used nice language. I prefer the term “clusterfuck.”

We had the opportunity to compete against some extremely talented cosplayers at KCPCC. I do not fault anyone for Yaya’s win - her group had the best costumes and the most well-prepared skit!

And I feel extremely honored to have placed above Holly and Jessica. Their costumes were awesome, and it was a very close race. I’m actually very surprised we took the prize.

I am, however, furiously angry with the Heroes of Cosplay production company, and at SyFy for condoning this utter and complete bullshit. Skit competition? Nobody knew anything about a performance until the day of the competition. Making it seem like the skits are just a normal, natural part of Planet Comicon was completely  nonsensical and shitty on SyFy’s behalf.

I’m really big on “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

I don’t blame the people on the show.

I blame its creators. They completely butchered a simple misunderstanding into “HISS HISS WE HATE STRANGERS HISS.” They made the cosplay community look conniving, uninviting, catty, and bitchy.

Please be aware, cosplaying isn’t about competition.We competed in the contest because Hillary was super proud that she managed to wrangle ELEVEN people into a costume group! It was never about winning! Nobody said anything like that!

Everyone seems to think that everything I say in defense of the Femme Eleven is made up. It is not. I believe strongly in journalistic integrity. Obviously, SyFy does not. And if you’re willing to take the word of a reality television program over the word of a fellow cosplayer, tumblr user, and Whovian, then that’s really not my problem. The world is full of skeptics, I’m just sad to have lost the opportunity to make friends.

By the way, here are some other posts about what happened at the convention that you might be interested in, if you don’t believe me.

And if you just do a quick google, you’ll find information from all over the convention dating as far back as the convention itself.

This isn’t fanfiction, you guys. This is people defending themselves to a relentless audience because our resolution with the Crabcat girls was completely omitted from the episode.

I really appreciate you all taking your time to read such a long post.

Please, research before you insult. We are people with feelings, too.

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